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What is tele-psychiatry?

Tele-psychiatry is a method of interaction for a psychiatric visit using real-time video-conferencing technology rather than an office-based consultation. The patient and psychiatrist are at two separate locations and log into a video-conference over the computer. 

What does it require?​

​Tele-psychiatry employs a computer, video camera, speakers and high speed broad-band internet. A mac or a PC may be utilized. It works best with desktop or laptop computers and is not yet optimized for mobile devices and tablets. A secure video programing software is required, the link for which will be provided to you at no charge. This software is a web-based platform for tele-psychiatry, and comes to you with their IT support.

Is tele-psychiatry secure? 

PsychMD Services ensures that the interaction between patient and psychiatrist complies with the Health Insurance Portability and​ Accountability Act (HIPAA). The video conferencing platform ensures confidentiality by encryption of all forms of data (audio + video + file sharing). Additionally, the patient or mental health facility will be guided on how to enhance security of protected health information (PHI) during a psychiatric interaction via tele-psychiatry. 

What are the benefits of tele-psychiatry?​

Tele-psychiatry forms an effective way to conduct psychiatric evaluations and treatment, in situations where onsite interaction is not available or inconvenient. Research shows that there is no difference in clinical outcomes between face-to-face and tele-psychiatric consultations. It is especially convenient for those who are unable to find the time to make an office visit, or in remote areas where there is a shortage of psychiatrists. Medicaid covers most states for tele-psychiatry. Check with your insurance company about coverage for tele-psychiatry services. 
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Divya Krishnamoorthy, M.D.
Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist